How to make data persistent and install on subdomain

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How to make data persistent and install on subdomain

Message par bigdong » jeu. oct. 08, 2015 8:02 pm

Hi !

I am trying to install using docker-compose the onlyoffice suite on a server which has the hostname ""
The server which has the domain "" is a different address.
I want to create email address for "", but only for"

Here is my docker-compose.yml

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  image: onlyoffice/communityserver
  restart: always
   - documentserver:document_server
   - mailserver:mail_server
   - "80:80"
   - /opt/onlyoffice/Logs:/var/log/onlyoffice
   - /opt/onlyoffice/Data:/var/www/onlyoffice/Data
   - /opt/onlyoffice/MySQL:/var/lib/mysql
  stdin_open: true
  tty: true
  image: onlyoffice/documentserver
  restart: always
  stdin_open: true
  tty: true
  image: onlyoffice/mailserver
  restart: always
  privileged: true
   - STORAGE_BASE_DIR=/var/vmail
   - /opt/onlyoffice/MailServer:/etc/pki/tls/mailserver
   - /opt/onlyoffice/VMail:/var/vmail
   - /opt/onlyoffice/MySQL_mail:/var/lib/mysql
   - "25:25"
   - "143:143"
   - "587:587"
  stdin_open: true
  tty: true
I also had to do this on the docker host before to make the Data directory writable (not specified in the doc)

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sudo mkdir -p /opt/onlyoffice/Data
sudo chmod 777 /opt/onlyoffice
sudo chmod 777 /opt/onlyoffice/Data
With this configuration, I am partially able to send email.

- I can only create a mail from the domain and not
This config was working great on first install, but when i removed the image and kept the /opt/onlyoffice and recreated the image, I couldn't send and received mail anymore.

In all the documentation of onlyoffice they say to link twice /opt/onlyoffice/MySQL to /var/lib/mysql, one time for communityserver, one time for mailserver.
You cannot link two different database (community and mailserver) on the same host if the host directory is the same.

That's why i renamed the /opt/onlyoffice/MySQL to /opt/onlyoffice/MySQL_mail.

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Re: How to make data persistent and install on subdomain

Message par Katarina » jeu. oct. 22, 2015 1:59 pm


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