Excel files, OnlyOffice and Nextcloud Woes

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Excel files, OnlyOffice and Nextcloud Woes

Post by rustys9999 » Thu Jul 15, 2021 12:50 am

This may be a Nextcloud issue and not an OnlyOffice issue. I just don't know.

My company is transitioning to OnlyOffice because we've moved to Nextcloud as our cloud solution, and Nextcloud uses OnlyOffice as its spreadsheet read/write feature. We have a large number of preexisting Excel-created files that we need to continue to use before we start creating files from scratch in OnlyOffice. And so, a large number of users are downloading Excel-created xlsx files stored in Nextcloud and attempting to use them in Excel, only to find that (at the very least), the dropdown list validation formulas have been mangled and therefore the dropdown lists don't work. For instance, a data validation formula in the native Excel file that looks like this:


Becomes this when they have simply downloaded the untouched file from Nextcloud to their local hard drive:


It probably has something to do with the fact that the specified cell (A1) for the dropdown has this formula...


...which I assume contains functions not recognized or crossed over to OnlyOffice.

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Re: Excel files, OnlyOffice and Nextcloud Woes

Post by Kate » Fri Jul 16, 2021 2:13 pm


Please note that this forum http://cloud.onlyoffice.org/ is intended to discuss the ONLYOFFICE (SaaS) cloud solution, desktop editors and mobile applications: http://www.onlyoffice.com/cloud-office.aspx

If you are using an open source solution, we ask you to publish your post (also attaching a screenshot) on our specialized forum dedicated to discussing the ONLYOFFICE server solution: http://dev.onlyoffice.org/, so that our specialists can understand the problem and suggest a solution.

If you are using a paid solution and have a license key, please contact us in our support system https://onlyofficesupport.zendesk.com/

Best regards

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