Data loss with connected Google Account

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Data loss with connected Google Account

Post by dmitrock » Sun Apr 12, 2015 5:13 pm

I've spent a year with Teamlab / Onlyoffice personal. Unfortunately, it's time quit.
I can deal with exteremely poor quality of service, when Onlyoffice is very often down, or it's impossible to login, or doesn't work integration with Google Account, or OnlyOffice editor cannot load.
Onlyoffice suffers from numerous stability issues. Support is unable to provide help, the answer is only one - clean cache of your browser.
But it's ok for free service.
But definitely not ok to lose data. I discovered early that I lose most of my March changes made through Onlyoffice in connected Google account.
Onlyoffice reports that file is succesfully saved, but apparently somehow these changes did not reach Google Drive.
Ok, I thought may be my fault. I tried twice with same file and result is the same - Onlyoffice editor shows that file is succesfully saved, but no changes in file on Google drive. When I open it again in Onlyoffice my changes are missing.
I think that's enough. Thank you and wishing you good luck.

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Re: Data loss with connected Google Account

Post by Kate » Thu May 14, 2015 9:47 am


Thank you for the comment provided. We are sorry for the inconveniences this may have caused.

What about the issue regarding the Google Drive account connected to your ONLYOFFICE portal, would you be so kind as to specify some additional details so that our developers can detect the problem:

1) The way of connection realization: 1) your Google Drive account is connected to ONLYOFFICE portal or 2) our ONLYOFFICE Personal application is connected to your Google Drive account?
2) If you use the first way of connection: if you enter your Google Drive account, open the document created on your ONLYOFFICE portal for viewing and there are no changes - it's a correct work. Please, open this document for editing in your Google Drive account and you will see the changes saved. The case is that ONLYOFFICE online editor edits the documents in Microsoft format (docx) and save the documents as .docx files too. The Google Drive service works with his own format (gdoc). If you switch back to the ONLYOFFICE Documents module, you will see two files of different formats: docx and gdoc. The second one has been created by opening the file by means of Google Drive service.

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