Confirming 30 Day Trial Account - Can't.

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Confirming 30 Day Trial Account - Can't.

Post by Diagon » Mon Apr 27, 2015 7:58 am

I didn't have any trouble confirming the personal account, but trying to try this out for a team is not working. I signed up, but on the top of every page, I get:

"Please activate your email entered while registering to get access to all the portal features.
Use the link provided in the activation email. Haven't received an email with the activation link? Request activation once again"

I have a gateway that my mail goes through, and nothing passed after the first two emails from signing up for the "personal" account. I have also tried changing the email address, with no luck.

I now have 3 people waiting for confirmation under the "people" module, but it's not clear what's needed. Do I have to do something?


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Re: Confirming 30 Day Trial Account - Can't.

Post by Kate » Thu May 14, 2015 8:45 am


First of all, please, ask the persons, that you want to invite to your portal, check the "Spam" folder: if the activation email persist there?

Also we would like to note, that you can just send an invitation link to the people you wish to invite to your portal so that they could join it. To do that, please:

- click the "Additional Options" button in the left upper corner of the People module;
- select the "Invitation Link" option;
- in the "Invitation Link" window copy the link and paste it into your invitation message.

To learn a visual and detailed instruction about how to add new portal members using different methods, please, follow this link:

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