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Move from Trial to

Post by businessgeeks » Sat Jul 18, 2015 12:29 pm

Hi how do convert my accout (I havent subscribed to anything yet) to a account? When I log in, I always a get a subscibe page.

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Re: Move from Trial to

Post by Kate » Tue Jul 21, 2015 1:38 pm


We would like to note, that to date we offer two ONLYOFFICE cloud versions:

1) The paid SaaS version, that can be found on our official web site When your ONLYOFFICE portal is registered on, you are able to use it for free and evaluate its functional during a trial period (30 days). After that you shoud purhase one of the available pricing plans for ONLYOFFICE subscription, that is based on the amount of portal users. Please, follow the link below to learn more information about this paid solution:

2) Free Cloud solution, that includes system for collaborative work inside company, document management, project management, blog, CRM, Calendar, Jabber client and other instruments which also available on

Take advantage of a new free SaaS version and create your own online office suite you can on

However, free SaaS version gives primacy to paid version functions.

- StudioSmsNotification;
- Ldap Settings;
- Third Party Authorization;
- Backup & Restore;
- Login History;
- Audit Trail;
- Single Sign On Settings;
- Portal Rename;
- DNS settings;
- Password Settings;
- IP Security;
- Automatic Backup;
- The disk storage limitation - 2Gb.

But there are no limits in the number of active users, that can be added to the portal!

Please, note: unfortunately, there is no possibility to transfer the data from the portal registered on to your new free account on But in this case you can create a new account on with the same portal name. But first of all you should delete the portal registered on

In order to delete your portal, please, follow the instructions below:

1) Sign in on the portal.
2) Click on "Settings" (at the upper-right corner of the portal page).
3) Open the "Data Management" menu and choose "Portal Deactivation/Deletion" section.
4) In the opened page choose the "Delete" option.

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