My Only Office Impression

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My Only Office Impression

Post by 8ternity » Tue Apr 12, 2016 3:06 pm

HI Everyone,

I've using Only Office for the business here only in the last month. I was using it personnally for my websites customers projects. There is more than 3 years im looking for the French version for business.

My first impression is Only Office is getting no such new improovements since the last 3 years. The innovation are getting just stable and i found that many important.

When i was using the program, i was a little bit confusing about reading all the task informations. It's hard to read (text are small, everything is the same font size). I will not explain in details here my recommandations, because i will plan to give some help in improovement for Free if Only Office are open to received my improovements and comments.

The overview of "My Task" is missing some important informations. We don't know when the task is created, in which project the task is created. It should having 3 importants informations (Project Title, date created, and Priority).

Only Office must consider of adding Priority level, so the project manager can set 3 level of priority (Millestone: Specific date, 1: As soon as possible, 2: When everything in 1 is done, 3: When free time). All jobs i've done is using that priority level so we can clear all task in priority 1, and continue un level 2 when everything is closed.

I also found that the User interface need to be improoved. The beter other task application is clear and easy to use, is Podio. Everything are in a box, separate from each other. Easy to read, easy to know where the informations is.

One point i found is fustrating is, when we create a new task, we can select many options, but to add an attachement, we need to create the task, modify it, and add the attachement. 3 step for adding a small screen capture or documents. We will forget it if the phone is ringing. Desapointed feature!

My personnal impression are to change for another task application, but the owners like the simplicy of the application compare to Bootcamp, or Podio. Their think its more complicated, but they don't have the time learn all the options. We can disable some features, but their not having time to learn and get explicated all the settings.

My second impression are regarding the emails. When i received the emails from a task i've created, it the text has so separation between the table borders. It's something easy that can be fixed. But i thing the email template can be improoved. When we received the email, we need to read QUICK the essential. It's need to be quick and easy to find what we need to know. When we using a task plateform, it's because we received email too much. We want to be free and get only the essentials.

I had a lot of ideas in mind and can give my help for Free for the company. I think Only Office is a great application, just need some fine touch and fonctionality improovements. I've send some emails to and get no answers in the last week, since yesturday from Kate.

Only Office need some love and passion and it can still be a greate software.

What i think can be a great feature, is i tried the Only Office Desktop software that can read documents in our online project.

If Only Office can having a Desktop application to work with our online database, we don't need an internet explorer. What if, Only Office build that Desktop Software with pop-up notifications when a new task is created and assigned ? What if, when someone get done, project manager received a notification ?

If you can't build a Desktop Application, why don't use Chrome Notifications ? I received notificaiton from Facebook in my chrome.

Here are my impression.

Please note, i've send some ideas in yesturday. Kate has sended you to your developpers and hope my ideas can be added into the software.

Is it possible to have developpers email so i can send them emails when im having ideas. Im a person who think all day long, even when i try to sleep, i found solutions and ideas.

Thanks for listening and hope to see Only Office get some of my improovements.

Montreal, Québec, Canada.

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Re: My Only Office Impression

Post by Kate » Mon Apr 18, 2016 12:12 pm


We appreciate your interest in ONLYOFFICE platform.

Thank you for the suggestions.
All your ideas on the improvement of ONLYOFFICE functionality will be forwarded to our development team for futher consideration.

The core component of ONLYOFFICE project is exactly Document Server (editing abilities), not any others. We believe everyone should get a fantastic Online Collaborative Editing tool first of all. You are welcome to explore our ONLYOFFICE product, to see how smooth the editing of documents spreadsheets and presentations is and on top of that you may use our CRM, Projects and rest, which is an advantage we give additionally. Currently all our internal resources are directed toward improvement of Document Server to bring more comfort to someone's business everyday necessity to work with documents.

Stay with us and follow.

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