2 questions before migrating to OnlyOffice from google docs.

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2 questions before migrating to OnlyOffice from google docs.

Post by BobC » Mon Apr 17, 2017 4:59 pm

I currently use google docs on chromebook for work, but for a new job I will have to utilize docx files with track changes, and like the idea of OnlyOffice, but want to see if it would work.

1) Offline support. Currently gdocs will still allow me to open doc from cache if not connected to internet. Does this work with OnlyOffice?
2) Track changes. This is main reason I need docx files, so I can colloborate with others via track changes and comments. Does this work good in OnlyOffice?


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Re: 2 questions before migrating to OnlyOffice from google d

Post by Alex » Thu Apr 20, 2017 8:35 am


Thank you for contacting us.

1) Unfortunately, there is no possibility to use ONLYOFFICE Cloud Solution or free ONLYOFFICE Personal in offline mode and open docs from cache. Free ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors allow you work with your files in offline mode. You can find more information about this application on this page of our website.

2) We can offer several options of tracking changes on the cloud portal, including docs.

- There is a possiblity to browse through the list of the latest changes (creation, modification, deletion etc.) made by users to the entities (tasks, opportunities, files etc.) on your portal. You can find more information about Audit Trail function in our Help Center (feature is available for ONLYOFFICE Cloud Solution);

- One more way to see changes in files can be found in the editor itself when co-editing the document. Please find additional information about co-editing the files here and more information about the Review feature under this link. This feature allows to review the document, change the sentences, phrases and other page elements (all your changes will be recorded and shown to the person who sent the document).

You can create your own cloud portal and get 30-days free trial period. Please visit our website to find more information about ONLYOFFICE Cloud Solution.

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