Navigation pane in cloud version

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Navigation pane in cloud version

Post by jana1238 » Fri Oct 19, 2018 7:39 am

can you please help me, how to create a "navigation pane" of a Document in Onlyoffice cloud version? (I mean the same that you can make in MS Office Word 2007 and beyond). We have a large document that is difficult to navigate within. I would appreciate if anything like navigation pane could be made, that would show me the headlines of the document and I could quickly navigate through it to different place in the document. Is that possible?

I also though I could solve this by changing the text document to "presentation" and use the Outline of the slides for navigation. However, the outline view shows the whole content of each slide, not only the headlines. So it is not of much help...
Thanks a lot for any advice and sorry for my rusty English:-)

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