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Deleting / Renaming Tags in Group of Contacts.

Posted: Mon Mar 16, 2015 1:54 pm
by astrac
It is not possible to delete or Re-name 'Contact Tags' in group of contacts and tags need to be deleted one by one from every contact.

This becomes extremely cumbersome when we try to re-organize the contacts by removing the tags from a large Contact Group.

It would be great if you please add the feature of "deleting and Re-naming Tags" from the "All Contacts - CRM" view as easy as "Add New Tag" to the group of selected contacts. :)

Re: Deleting / Renaming Tags in Group of Contacts.

Posted: Tue Mar 24, 2015 9:26 am
by Kate

Unfortunately, there is no opportunity to delete / re-name 'Contact Tags' in group of contact using the current version of ONLYOFFICE.
We will definitely forward your suggestion to our development team for further consideration.

Please, note, that you can delete contact tags in group only if they are linked together. For example, if you have one company in the CRM module, with which are linked 100 contacts, if you delete a tag from the company or from one contact of this company, you will see a specific window to delete this tag from all linked contacts. To learn more information about how to use tags within the CRM module, please, follow this link: ... -tags.aspx

If you have any ideas on the improvement of ONLYOFFICE platform, you are always welcome to share them with us on our feedback page: