calendar integration with projects, crm, email, and sync

Discussion of the "Calendar" module
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calendar integration with projects, crm, email, and sync

Post by pee » Sat Nov 29, 2014 10:03 pm

this is a suggestion to make onlyoffice better.

I think the calendar is the most under utilised feature of onlyoffice, although it has the potential to be the cornerstone of onlyoffice,
because everything in a collaboration portal is centered about having meetings and calendar events (online or offline).

Me personally totally avoid using the calender app because it is not integrated with anything.
I am forced to use my standalone emailclient, or gmail webapp for decent calendar functionality (for meeting invitations/RSVP and syncing accross all devices)

almost any project is centered about having meetings (in this case: calendar events).
it is strange to see that there is no integration between the project module and the calendar module.
It should be possible to add calendar events to a task, or to have "task calendar events"
in that case team members (and also other people outside the portal!) invited for the meeting should be able to RSVP on the meeting, so we can see who is coming and who have declined.
it should also be possible to link documents to a meeting and have discussions about a meeting (=calendar event).

the above is also true for crm

it should be possible to create a calendar event out of an email (and add the email content as the event description)

sync with external programs:
the calendar should be two-way synced with external email clients for both smartphones as desktop programs
when using caldav protocol, even the project and crm tasks can be synced
it must be possible to send out invitations to email-addresses (also non-portal users), and get RSVP responses (attending or declining the meeting)

I think good calendar functionality together with FULL-text search of every text and document in the portal are the two big missing links in onlyoffice today.
if it is possible to include this functionality, onlyoffice this would greatly enhance the platform, and sweep the competition away!

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Re: calendar integration with projects, crm, email, and sync

Post by Alexander » Fri Dec 26, 2014 12:18 pm

Dear user,
We appreciate your interest in ONLYOFFICE.
Thank you for your suggestions and your comments!
Your feedback is very important for us and help us to make ONLYOFFICE better.

We already forwarded all your suggestions to our developers.

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